Welcome to the 2021 Spring/Summer Ladder!

This ladder is designed to give you a chance to improve your match play skills outside of the normal High School tennis season. There are some differences from this ladder to the one we use during the season, namely that YOUR 3 LETTER CODE MAY NOT BE THE SAME. I use a format of the first two letters of your last name and the first letter of your first name to generate the code that you will use to submit your results. This may cause some confusion for those of you with codes that do not reflect this format on the ladder we use during the season.

The rules for the ladder are as follows:

  • The winner of the match or cluster should report the results using the proper button below.
  • You will be assigned a match once per week, on Sunday. We encourage you to play and challenge additional matches.
  • YOU MAY ONLY CHALLENGE A PLAYER WITHIN 5 SPOTS OF YOUR RANK. For instance, the player ranked at 17 may challenge a player as high as 12, but not ranked 11 or higher.
  • Assigned matches are expected to be completed the week they are assigned. If your opponent is unable to play the match, please challenge another player.
  • Players who do not accept a challenge within 7 days of the challenge being made will default the match. The player who challenges is required to submit a default using the button below, and in the notes you MUST note the day you challenged the match. Failure to do so will cause the default to not be accepted. I EXPECT THE PLAYERS TO ADHERE TO THIS RULE WITH INTEGRITY- DO NOT CHALLENGE MULTIPLE MATCHES WITH THE INTENTION OF EXPLOITING THE DEFAULT SYSTEM. ANY SUCH EXPLOITATION WILL RESULT IN THE OFFENDING PLAYER TO FORFEIT THEIR RANK AND BE RE-RANKED TO THE BOTTOM OF THE LADDER.
  • Players who default 2 matches in a row will forfeit their rank and be re-ranked to the bottom of the ladder. Exceptions to this rule include, but are not limited to, injury, illness, or extraordinary life circumstances.
  • Ladder movements will be as follows: Should the lower-ranked player beat the higher ranked player, the lower ranked player will take the ladder place of the higher ranked player, and the higher ranked player will move down 1 ladder rank.  
  • Coaches reserve the right to insert new players where they deem fit. Players who join mid week may be assigned to play each other, even if this is not adherent to the “5 slot clause”.  Challenge matches may not violate this clause.
  • Report ASAP after playing and no later than 7pm on Saturday. Matches reported after 7pm on Saturday may not be reflected in the ladder until the following week- there is no need to resubmit your score.
  • Double check all player codes on the ladder below before reporting. Players’ codes do not always match the expected initials. Errors cause significant delays.
  • If you have any questions, please text or call Coach Schlichting at 720 301 6018

Please keep in mind that this ladder will not have any effect on your starting rankings for the season. This is an opportunity for you to gain playing experience. The coaches reserve the right to use the results of this ladder in our considerations for where players will be placed in the challenge season process, however these results will not have any direct impact on your rankings. 

Report Singles Ladder Match Report Ladder Default

Rank Code Full Name Phone Grd Next Match Match History
1 HUT Hutchins, Tate 720-215-5863 10 KAD W-MAH, W-HUQ, L-FLE, W-KAD, W-KIS
2 KAD Kaprielian, Drew 720-925-0885 10 HUT W-KIS, W-FLE, W-HUQ, L-HUT, W-SWC, W-HEC, W-KIS
3 FLE Flora, Ethan 720 557 5413 11 KIS L-KAD, W-HUT, W-MAH
4 KIS Kislenkov, Sergey 720-227-1155 11 FLE L-KAD, L-MAH, W-ANS, L-D-SWC, L-HUT, W-HUQ, L-KAD
5 HUQ Hudelson, Quinn 720-900-6523 10 SWC W- RUL, L-HUT, L-KAD, W-HEC, L-KIS
6 MAH Marks, Hayden 303-514-9467 11 OUT OF TOWN L-HUT, W-KIS, W-RUL, L-FLE, W-HEC
7 SWC Sweeney, Cooper 720 481 0244 10 HUQ W-RAC, W-RUL, W-D-KIS, L-KAD
8 HEC Heim, Chris (720) 233-3482 9 RAC L- SUA, W-RUL, L-MAH, L-HUQ, L-KAD
9 RUL Russell, Luke 303-434-1085 11 GUA L-HUQ, L-SWC, L- MAH, L-HEC,, W-BEF
10 SUA Superka, Andrew 720-296-1482 10 ROT W-BRM, W-HEC, L-KIS, W-BEF
11 RAC Raleigh, Cole (720) 695-1706 9 WOT L-SWC
12 GUA Agastya, Gupta 720 503 8999 8 RUL W-KAN, W-STC
13 STC Stern, Charlie (720) 628-3013 8 OUT OF TOWN L-GUA
14 ROT Robinson, Trevor 720 271 4476 8 SUA W- NIN, W-WOT, W-BUB, W-BEF
15 WOT Wooden, Truman (303) 718-3121 8 RAC W-JOA, L-ROT, W-HAE, W-ALJ, W-BUB, W-BEF
16 BEF Bendell, Farrah 720 415 5510 10 OUT OF TOWN W- JOA, W-BRM, L-ANS, L-ROT, L-WOT, L-RUL
17 BRM Brown, Michael 720-668-1249 10 POW L-KRH, L-ANS, W-ERZ, L-BEF, W-HOD
18 ERZ Erdley, Zachary 720 252 3792 11 OUT OF TOWN L-HAK, L-MIB
19 SHC Shrewsbury, Caden 720-688-9012 8 HAE W-JOA
20 BUB Bulatovic, Bronson (720) 527-9840 8 KAN L-ROT, L-JOA, W-ZIR, W-KAN, L-WOT
21 HOF Dom, Hoff 720-412-0327 11 JOA L-BRM
22 KAN Kawamoto, Nathan 720-705-8771 10 BUB L-GUA, L-BUB
23 JOA Joseph, Alex 720-322-6101 10 HOF L-WOT, W-HAE, L-POW, L-WOT, W-BUB, L-BEF, L-SHC
24 POW Possehl, Will 720 438 9897 8 BRM W- CAE, W-NIN, W-ALJ
25 HAE Hao, Ethan 303 931 1444 10 SHC L-JOA, L-WOT
26 NIN Nisbet, Nicholas 720 606 9950 9 BAG W-DOJ, L-ROT, L-POW
27 ZIR Zicht, Reece 720-998-7902 9 BEC L-BUB, W-BAG
28 ORE Orr, Everett (720) 203-4715 9 HOS W-WHD
29 BAG Balakrishnan, Gautam 303 949 0836 9 NIN W-HUJ, W-LIA, W-D-THM, W-KNL, L-ZIR, W-CAE
30 BEC Benton, Carter 480 229 5073 8 ZIR W-CAE
31 CAE Cagwin, Ethan (303) 618-6743 9 OUT OF TOWN L- POW, W-KNL, L-BAG, L-BEC
32 HOS Shourya, Hooda 720 690 5115 8 ORE  
33 DOJ Doidge, Jackson 720-955-9465 10 COL L-NIN
34 THM Thorne, Michael 303-990-1240 11 WHD L-D-BAG
35 COL Cole, Caleb 303 728 4138 8 DOJ W-D-ZAR, W-HUJ, W-CHM, W-WHD
36 WHD Wheatley, Daniel 303-949-0043 10 THM W-KNL, L-ORE, L-COL
37 KNL Knott, Liam 303-519-8393 11 CHM L-WHD, L-CAE, W-SAV, L-BAG
38 SAV Sampath, Vedanth 720-609-1526 9 LIA W-HUJ, W-ONM, L-KNL, L-NOL, W-COJ, W-CHM
39 CHM Chase, Mitchell 720 646 2025 9 KNL L-COL, L-SAV
40 LIA Lindsay, Angus 303-885-5068 10 SAV W-ZAR, L-BAG
41 NOL Norford, Luke 303 828 8402 8 COJ W-HUJ, W-SAV
42 COJ Cole, Jaden 720 908 1202 8 NOL W- HUJ, L-SAV
43 HUJ Hurley, Jack 720 926 2901 8 ONM L-BAG, L-SAV, L-NOL, L-COJ, L-COL
44 ONM O’Neal, Montgomery 720 725 0958 8 HUJ L-SAV